2019 Year-end Summary and Commendation Congress
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Due to the epidemic, the 2019 Year-end Summary and Commendation Congress, which was originally scheduled to be held at the beginning of the year, was held on September 11, and all employees precipitated in. President Zhou Yaguo, CEO Xia Songkang, Vice President Zhou Boting and Shao Bin, Assistant CEO He Fengen and Wang Junting, attended the congress.

At the beginning, the familiar and impassioned Xinya slogan "Be Conscientious, Be Fast, Keep Words, No Excuse" resounded.


CEO Xia Songkang made a summary report for 2019 first.

In 2019, dual engine, output value and infrastructure, drove development. Company repaired 311 vessels in total last year, with a year-on-year growth of 73% in ship repair output value, and single vessel's output value was nearly doubled; the No.1 project covering multiple plant infrastructure projects ended successfully, with a total investment of nearly 800 million yuan.

Scrubber retrofit helped to increase the output value. In 2019, 51 vessels' scrubbers were retrofitted, ranking ninth in the world. During the peak period, 15 retrofit projects were carried out at the same time. In addition, company also obtained two patents about scrubber retrofit.

Company's 17th Anniversary spread Xinya's positive energy. To tell the story of Xinya, the celebration invited partners from 46 countries. The celebration also marked another era of the journey to Eternal Xinya.

A sustainably-increasing salary mechanism formed. In 2019, the income of employees and outsourcing employees was greatly improved, reflecting company's culture and philosophy: co-creation, sharing and common development.



All employees'hard work and dedication made 2019 a year of abundant harvest. Mr. Xia thanked all the employees and headquarter leaderships. He also firmly believed that Xinya would continue to move forward under the leadership of President Zhou Yaguo. Focusing on the main business and production work in 2020, he made the following requirements:

Continue to promote safety and environmental protection. We should realize the transformation from "you want me to be safe" to "I want to be safe". Environmental protection should be carried out from section to the whole system.

Actively summarize the problems in the promotion of service standardization in 2019, continue to promote this work with high quality. Always keep owners in mind, always provide the best service for owners, and always create greater value for owners.

Persist in cost control. Commercial department, purchasing department and back office must strictly control the cost.

Integrity work must target both symptoms and root causes. Corruption is the biggest stumbling block for development. We should never show any tolerance and must crack down on them strictly and quickly.

He also put forward suggestions for specific problems and improving space for each department in 2019.



President Zhou Yaguo said that epidemic suddenly came. Under the leadership of the Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention and Control headed by CEO Xia Songkang, we withstood the sharp rise of epidemic input pressure at home and from abroad after the resumption of work, and realized a safe, efficient and orderly work resumption.

Looking back on 2019, the 17th Anniversary Celebration, the 70th SPCC Conference, ranking No.7 in Clarkson's global ship-repair enterprise list, the honor as a green ship-repair enterprise in Zhoushan...He sincerely expressed his gratitude to CEO Xia Songkang, to all the staff and their families.

For the next stage of work, he put forward expectations and requirements: strengthen managements'sense of responsibility and improve the efficiency of cross-department cooperation; combine individual potential and team cohesion to stimulate greater productivity; realize a new situation of safety management; control cost with a better system and full participation.

The Most Beautiful Xinyanese were awarded gold medal, Personals with Outstanding Contribution in No.1 Project, Outstanding Staff in 2019, Subcontractors Excellent in Evaluation and Outstanding Field Directors in 2019 were awarded. Education Scholarship for Staff's Children was awarded for the first time at the congress.




At the end of the congress, all the participants joined in a chorus of From the Beginning Again with headquarter leaderships. Honors belong to the past, and efforts belong to tomorrow. There will always be a mountain to climb for us, In 2020, we will set out and create brilliance again!


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