Xinhai Tunnel Officially Opened on May 1st
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After 9 months, Xinhai Tunnel was officially opened to traffic on May 1st, connecting company's No.1 Base and No.3 Base. The transportation time between the 2 bases is greatly shortened, and the transportation will be much more convenient.




The 456-meter long Xinhai Tunnel was constructed by China Railway Tunnel. The projected started in August 2019 with a total investment of about 30 million yuan. Overcoming practical difficulties such as the complex surrounding rock conditions, Xinhai Tunnel project adopted measures suiting local conditions, and implemented 6S management in the whole process before it was finally successfully delivered.

At 9:58 a.m., the opening ceremony of Xinhai Tunnel began. Headquarter leaders including President Zhou Yaguo and CEO Xia songkang, shareholders and representatives from company and contractors attended the ceremony.



After wonderful dragon dance, headquarter leaders and shareholders cut the ribbon. Then CEO Xia songkang announced that Xinhai Tunnel was officially opened to traffic! With the festive gun salute, cars slowly drove into the tunnel, heading for No. 3 base.





Xinhai Tunnel not only realizes efficient communication among the three bases, but also represents a solid and important step in promoting high-quality infrastructure support and upgrading service standardization.

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