XIN YA TUO 6 Delivered
[TIME]:2020-5-17 15:15:35 [HIT]:235     

On April 29, the 3600HP full-rotation tugboat XIN YA TUO 6, built by Jiangsu Zhenjiang Shipyard, was officially delivered. The tugboat was designed and built under the supervision of CCS.



At about 8 a.m., XIN YA TUO 6 docked at the material wharf of No. 3 Base. CEO Xia Songkang and headquarter leaders boarded the tugboat and visited the living area, engine room, cab and other areas, and then they made a trial voyage.




At present, company has 4 tugboats in total. In addition to XIN YA TUO 6, there are 2 4000HP tugboats and 1 5000HP tugboat.



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