Safety Inspection Improved Management Level and Realized Communication
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Safety managements, primarily responsible for safety on vessels, have accumulated rich practical experience during the long-term front-line work. HSE Department organized safety supervisors and other front-line safety managements to carry out safety inspections in April to realize experience sharing among safety managements and help them to learn from each other.



From April 6th to April 10th, safety managements carried out on-site safety inspection on Maersk Manchester, MSC Clorinda and other vessels during the lunch break. The inspection focused on system and details, people and things. It found problems and promoted advantages.

More than 180 suggestions were formed finally, which involved fire fighting, electricity use, early warning, precaution, training, 6S, etc. Some problems were solved immediately and on-site safety system was improved. The suggestions would be studied in HSE Dept. after they were sorted and summarized.



This inspection will significantly improve the efficiency of safety management in the future and enhance safety managements' cohesion and cooperation spirit.

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